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Interior Design

Art at Home

If you are considering a re-hang of your art collection, perhaps after a refurbishment or freshly painted walls, my home curation service might be the icing on the cake.

Your home is a permanent exhibition of the artworks you have gathered over the years. Just like in a gallery, the works should be curated so that each piece enhances its neighbour.

I can visit your home and we address what you have together. I help you edit what you have – if need be. I also give advice on framing and re-framing.

If you are looking to source more art, I may be able to source some key pieces for you.

When you have everything framed and ready to go on the walls, I can come back for a second session to hang the pictures. Knowing my limits, I outsource and arrange the hanging of anything that is on a large scale or heavy weight.

See Contact & Rates for more information.

Art at Home
Interior Design by Niamh MacGowan
Art at Home